Our Products

We provide a variety of high-quality food additives
and auxiliary feedstock to fulfill customers' requests.

KYOKUTO CHEMICAL INDUSTRIAL provides many products to support the enrichment and health of food.
We handle a wide range of products from food additives to auxiliary feedstock.
These are the products we offer to help develop foods in better ways.


The following details the major applications

  • Ice cream and frozen dessert

    Stabilizer, emulsion stabilizer and natural flavor

  • Dessert

    Gelation agents for use in pudding, mousse, fruit jelly, coffee jelly, soft adzuki-bean jelly and Japanese-style jelly

  • Confectionery and bread production

    Emulsifying foaming agents for confectionery, fat and oils for confectionery, Japanese confectionery mixes, antioxidants for Japanese confectionery and quality improving agents

  • Frozen foods

    Batter for fried pork cutlets, minced meat cutlets, potato croquette, shrimp, oysters, fish, etc., fried chicken flour, tempura flour, dusting powders and pH adjusters (quality improving agents)

  • Seasonings

    A range of seasonings for fry-ups, fried chicken, meat, frozen food, rice confectionery, etc.

  • Spices

    Adding aromas to different products, boosting flavor, odor masking, etc.