and Sales Structure

Development and sales structure
for accurately identifying the needs of customers

The Development Laboratory and the Sales Department work together to support customers in the development of new products. The former has abundant expertise while the latter is capable of accurately identifying market trends and the needs of customers.  Always as our customers’ best partner, we continue to propose production plans that more properly meet their needs.

Development and Sales Structure

"Making the needs of the customer the top priority" — The cooperation structure places importance on technology and communication.

The Development Laboratory has researchers with abundant expertise who are well-versed in the latest information while the Sales Department quickly and accurately identifies market trends and the needs of customers. They work together and directly listen to the opinions and requests of customers to support the customer in the development of new products leveraging the expertise they have accumulated over many years and our latest technologies. Always as our customers’ best partner, we continue to propose production plans that more properly meet their needs to create new technologies and products to contribute to the development and improvement of food.

Our researchers and salespeople share and discuss requests from customers and exchange feedback to help customers develop new products and streamline their existing products.

Properly analyzing the needs of consumers and proposing plans

The food additive market is steadily growing in size, due to the diversification of the foods consumers are eating, the expansion of Japanese food manufacturers overseas, the growing trend of individuals eating different meals and more people eating ready-made foods due to the aging of the population, the declining birthrate and changes in household composition, the diversification of texture-related needs and other facts. We stay up to date on market information associated with the changing needs of consumers and research and analyze it. We are also building a structure that will enable us to propose food additive solutions suitable for nursing care and the development of products in accordance with the needs of the market.