Message from
the President

The COVID-19 pandemic inevitably changed people’s lives in dramatic ways. Considering the crisis to be a business opportunity, we have pushed forward with structural reforms. As certain results have been achieved from the one and a half year-long structural reform, I, Takayuki Taguchi, became the third president of the company on June 28, 2021, nominated by the second president, Hiroyuki Taguchi. 

In the structural reform that lasted one and a half years, everybody in the company from our officers to our youngest employees repeatedly discussed topics concerning the company’s essence, such as why our customers value us, what our strengths are and what skills we should refine. Every employee mentioned the same three strengths that we have. First, we are capable of flexibly addressing customers’ requests leveraging multiproduct low-volume manufacturing. Second, we have expertise in solving customers’ problems. Third, we are willing to sincerely address customers’ requests. Going back to basics, we will renew our focus on our three strengths.

In society in the future, demand for services and products that are more customized and personalized for customers will grow. We will see the arrival of an age when our strengths will have greater applicability than ever before. Based on our company creed, “leverage our mobility and problem-solving capabilities to cooperate with customers and create added value” and the unrivaled flexibility stated in the slogan of our medium-term business plan, all employees of KYOKUTO CHEMICAL will work together to be a leader without failing to stay on top of the evolving times.

June 28, 2021
Taguchi Takayuki, President